Service for 20th September 2020

Good morning and welcome to Simply Church today. I trust you are doing well. We continue to rest our hope in our Lord and Saviour and not in any earthly thing. Another week has passed and we continue to be separated and yet, at the same time, able to “meet” together through technology. However, I do long for the day we can worship together, fellowship together, pray together and take communion together. The day when we can be “church-in-person” rather than “distance-church”. But I have found this time quite the learning experience. It has been a new and interesting challenge.
The worship set this morning are all about drawing close to God, pushing into Him and reminding ourselves of the intimacy we can have. The intimacy our soul desires and longs for.
The message comes from Gas Street Church and is about the “Necessity of Intimacy”.
It isn’t mentioned in the message, but listening to it I was reminded of the parable of the Prodigal Son. In the end the son realised he could be better off at home.  Yet every day the father sat on his porch looking for his missing son. The father needed his son, but he had to wait until his son realised he needed his father and return home. Once he was home there were no barriers to love, no barriers to the necessary intimacy the son needed and desired. And that’s how our heavenly Father is with us. We have to desire that intimacy, realise that it is a necessity in our lives.

Be blessed and have a wonderful week.

We hope to see you soon.

Verse of the Year

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